Perplexus Epic 3D Puzzle


Perplexus Epic 3D Puzzle


Can you conquer the Perplexus Epic?

125 barriers to your success give you a spectacularly solid challenge that will have you sweating all the way to the finish!

With gnarly new twists and turns, intricate ins and outs, and mind-straining mental stimulus – It really is EPIC!

Strategically guide the metal ball through all the winding tracks – The swish and fling, the uphill climb, the dead-man’s curve, the cable car, and so many more – Until finally, just MAYBE, you make it all the way to the finish. Your hand-eye coordination and maze-challenge thirst will never be the same!

Measuring an impressive 8.5 inches in diameter, this puzzle is packed with layer upon layer of detailed maze structures for long-lasting 3D puzzle fun. Family and friends will gather around to spectate and soon edge their way in for a turn.

It might take you a while to solve this puzzle, but who knows how long it’ll actually stay in your hands – Someone might grab it from you first!

Set the ball rolling and get your brain churning – The Perplexus Epic is going to require much more mental persistence than you’ve ever imagined possible.

Perplexus Epic 3D Puzzle Challenge!

  • Flip, twist, and turn the puzzle sphere to solve the puzzle
  • Easy to play – much more challenging to complete
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and spatial relations
  • Develops motor and dexterity skills
  • Packed with 125 obstacles to work through
  • Arrows on tracks show you which way to go
  • Great for travel – no loose pieces
  • Includes Perplexus Epic, display stand
  • Lasting fun for a wide range of ages
  • Highly durable construction and materials