Infant Toddler Toys Rainbow Ribbon Mirror Ball

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Infant Toddler Toys Rainbow Ribbon Mirror Ball


Soft plush ball with different textured fabrics and 18 satin tags for abundant tactile stimulation.
Shake for rattle sound. Turn ball over to see your own reflection in the mirror. Includes adjustable loop on top for portable play.


from 3 months+

  • Develop baby’s tactile nerves experiencing the different fabrics and satin tags.
  • Develop gross motor ability holding and picking up the ball.
  • Refine gross motor ability rolling the ball and playing catch.
  • Engage auditory nerves by shaking the ball, also teaching cause and effect.
  • Develop fine motor skill by grasping the ball by one of the satin tags.


  • Develop facial recognition and self-awareness with the mirror