Creative Discovery Bugs & Butterflies Catching 3 Piece Set

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Creative Discovery Bugs & Butterflies Catching 3 Piece Set

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Children will enjoy observing bugs and insects in this eye-popping bug house. Made from lightweight molded plastic and wire mesh, it has an easy-access bug-faced door, a sturdy handle and lots of ventilation. The Bug House is designed to encourage kids three and older and families to find new and enjoyable ways to explore their world together.
Buggy Net is happy to help catch moths, butterflies, and bugs on those long summer evenings! The bright rainbow-striped handle is topped with Cheerful Buggy, and the long, bright green net provides lots of room for collectibles. This bug catcher is light and fun to wave, while its sturdy construction, durable frame, and strong polyester netting make it perfect for outdoor play. He is happy to accompany young adventurers on nature expeditions!
Imagine the thrill when first looking through these kid-friendly binoculars! Bring distant objects and the natural world up close with these adjustable field glasses and focus on the adventure in every backyard. Adds an adorable twist to a classic tool that helps develop observation skills and encourages kids to get up and get playing.