Artist Set For Beginners, Sketching and Drawing

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Artist Set For Beginners, Sketching and Drawing


This 32 piece complete Artist Set offers a thorough collection of well-crafted drawing and sketching supplies suitable for use by beginners. This set contains a wide array of tools, including 12 colored and six uncolored graphite pencils for sketching, three charcoal pencils for more intricate drawings or portraits, a sketching pad and three blending stumps for more soft and natural shading.

This set offers beginners all the essential art materials needed to get started in the world of drawing. This set includes an artist’s guide with step by step instructions that will help you put this new knowledge to practice!

Additionally, this artist sketching set offers a 6″ ruler to provide straighter lines when needed. It all comes in a convenient and portable wooden carrying case, measures 13 in x 6 5/16 in  —